The design of the Aleydis Centers room allows for multi-function use. It is designed for compatibilty with dentistry, podiatry, cardiology, optometry, audiology, psychiatry, dermatology, physical therapy etc.
It will be the logical place for vaccinations, blood work, and visits by community health workers. In the unlikely terror event similiar to 9-11, the Aleydis Center would most assuredly be the location through which all care for the facility would be given.
Aleydis Centers can be installed in an existing facility or part of a new construction. The Aleydis team of designers and architects offer at no cost assistance in site and drawing preparations. The space needs are a room 12 by 12 up to 15 by 15 feet with a small area needed nearby for auxiliary support equipment.
The Aleydis Center is installed by our team at no additional cost. The resulting product is a "turn key" multi functional health care room.