Q. Is the Aleydis Center mobile?
A. No, just like the hair salon or pharmacy or dining area, it is an attached amenity. It never leaves.
Q. How will the various providers know what days they will schedule to use the Aleydis Center?
A. They will coordinate with the facility medical director to figure out a schedule. It is anticipated that the doctors will settle in to a set day or half day each week. The learning curve of the facility needs should be fairly quick.
Q. How will the billing for services work?
A. Just as they do now. Many providers access facilities currently without the benefit of an Aleydis Center and still bill for services. It is as though the Aleydis Center is an extension of the doctors private office.
Q. Who owns the Aleydis Center?
A. Currently the facilities can easily justify the investment in the Aleydis Center. It will give the facility huge market advantage and will be the number one marketed amenity. It is anticipated that the facilities will own them. In the not too distant future, healthcare networks will realize the huge referral base associated with an Aleydis Center. One day, these networks may purchase the Aleydis Center for the facilities in order to rotate their preferred providers through the facilities.
Q. Who maintains the Aleydis Center?
A. Each health care provider is bound by their licenses to follow strict infection control guidelines. The providers will keep the Aleydis Centers disinfected and cleaned in the same manner as their home offices. The facility may wish to have a cleaning service for waste baskets and floor care in the same fashion as the hair salon or pharmacy.
Q. What about service and warranty needs?
A. Aleydis Centers LLC will be your contact for these needs. Aleydis Centers LLC has 1400 contracted experts from coast to coast for these services.
Q. What about medical equipment supplies such as walkers, wheel chairs, rehab equipment etc? Can Aleydis help with these for the residents of the facility?
A. Aleydis Centers LLC has access to over 26,000 medical devices and supplies at great pricing. These items can be obtained through our company often with next day shipping saving residents and families time, travel, and cost.
Q. How does a facility know if they are suitable for an Aleydis Center?
A. Our consultants will offer a no cost on site evaluation of suitability as well as space needs and any building modifications needed to accomodate an Aleydis Center.
Q. What imaging benefits are included in an Aleydis Center?
A. A mobile x-ray unit may be included with a scanning and imaging system. This will allow for imaging of all oral and dental needs. These images can be viewed almost immediately and easily transmitted to specialists or other providers off site. It is also anticipated that cardiology and dermatology images will also be able to be transmitted saving off site consultation visits.
Q. How are current transportation costs handled in Assisted Living Facilities?
A. Preferably the resident's family takes the resident off site for visits and assumes the cost. A second option is for another resident who still drives helps the resident get to appointments and they make whatever arrangements they wish. Quite often a local church or volunteer group will offer to help, often at no cost. The last resort is a cab, van or other private carrier which is usually the most costly. Interestingly enough, many Assisted Living Facilities offer their own transportation services which are revenue generators for the facility. Regardless of who is profiting, an Aleydis Center on site is a solution for the whole transportation issue and these costs could easily be shifted to pay for the Aleydis Center.

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